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A Piece of Cake

Your Guide to Making Beautiful Plated Desserts

In this day and age when Instagram is booming, people start caring about the dessert’s aesthetic as much as its taste. To help you create your next Instagrammable masterpiece, we asked renowned pastry chef Miko Aspiras about his nifty tips and tricks on plating. Here is a step-by-step on how to nail your plated desserts.

  1. Know your skills

Before starting, it’s important to assess your skills first. Plating desserts is no easy feat and should be done with care. Chef Miko recommends beginners to do their research first and try to eat as much as they can and learn which flavors they like before attempting to plate.


  1. Start with a clean plate

You have to make sure that your plate is clean. “This is one thing a lot of chefs neglect although this is the most important thing before you start making plated desserts.” A dirty plate will definitely ruin your perfectly plated dessert.


  1. Choose your canvas wisely

Every great painting starts with a canvas. The same can be said with plated desserts. Chef Miko can’t stress enough how important it is to choose the correct shape, size, and color of the plate. It should match the whole theme you’re going for.


  1. Consider the balance of flavors

Chef Miko explains that there are usually three components to think of when plating desserts. These are the main flavor, the backup flavor, and lastly the highlighting flavor. These three components should blend well with each other and should never clash. Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavors and textures.


  1. Colors are just as important as the taste

Aside from the taste, the colors make your dessert visually pleasing. When it comes to colors, it’s highly important to note the color wheel. Chef Miko explains that complementary colors usually make an interesting combination.


  1. Don’t overdo the decorations

According to Chef Miko, one common mistake that beginners make is putting too many difficult items in one plate. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to keep it simple so you could focus more on the execution. “If you can’t plate it in 5 minutes, don’t do it,” explains Chef Miko.


These are the basic things that you need to know to create a visually appealing dessert. Go ahead and try these tips out. We guarantee you that the next creation you make will garner more likes and visits. Get your own copy of our book today for more inspiration!

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