People behind the book

With this passionate team in tow, this book truly is a labor of love.

Aileen Anastacio

Aileen Anastacio has been making waves in the Philippine culinary industry for more than two decades as a renowned pastry chef and coffee connoisseur, cookbook author, food columnist, cooking show host, food consultant, and entrepreneur. Her decadent pastries and innovative coffee concoctions have earned her several loyal customers and a market-wide demand for her work over the years.

In this book, she features modern takes on classic desserts for everyday bites and special occasions.

Miko Aspiras

With a body of work that has been revolutionizing the local pastry scene, Miko Aspiras is a dessert genius with progressive visions and a masterful finesse. He studied culinary arts at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde in 2004 but has been professionally specializing in pastry arts for 11 years. Miko was at the helm of the flagship stores of Magnum Café in Manila, Singapore, and Malaysia in 2015, and was hugely responsible for benchmarking operations and taste standards for the world-renowned concept.

In this book, he develops experimental pastries that call for the highest sense of skill and taste.

Kim Cuizon

Living vicariously through the plate is a cause Kim has continuously upheld since the first issue of Breakfast Magazine hit the shelves in 2012. Since then, she has made it a point to champion the industry through real food and real stories – always beautifully interwoven.

Patricia Baun

At the heart of Patricia’s person is a spirited zeal for food and culture. She also thrives on hearing colorful tales about an array of subjects with a passion. To increase her creative stimuli, she turns to surrounding herself with books, getting lost in words, and seeing more of the world.

Justin De Jesus

When it comes to capturing picture-perfect moments, there’s not a doubt that Justin can make it happen. He had his start as a lensman in the Philippines and further honed his photography when he moved to Japan for a few years. Now that he’s back, his eye for detail is sharper than ever and his work in this book is proof.

Kit Singson

Art Director
Graduating with top honors at UP Diliman College of Fine Arts, Kit has since dabbled in the arts in many forms. Graphic designer on one hand and art director for various productions for both video and photo formats in the other, her creative mind has indeed taken her places.

Chico Orcine

Sous Chef of Tasteless Food Group
He has worked his way up from being Tasteless’ resident pastry staff to OIC. And now, Chico holds the distinct title of being the food group’s sous chef. He has also shown his pastry prowess when he won bronze at the 2014 Philippine Culinary Cup’s sugar showcase, further proving his place in the local food scene.

Karlo Cadang

With a penchant for lifestyle, Karlo has developed a keen eye for photography. His hip fashion sense is also one that’s hard to beat. You can see him on a regular day donning a bucket hat and a kimono top, and just be amazed with how he can pull it off.

Arrah Balucating

On the usual, Arrah writes about gastronomy and the industry behind it. She definitely wants to see more of the world and have her own Eat, Pray, Love moments. Someday, she believes. Someday.