Aileen A. Anastacio

Aileen A. Anastacio has been making waves in the Philippine culinary industry for more than two decades as a renowned pastry chef and coffee connoisseur, cookbook author, food columnist, cooking show host, food consultant, and entrepreneur. Her decadent pastries and innovative coffee concoctions have earned her several loyal customers and a market-wide demand for her work over the years.

She received extensive culinary training from the California Culinary Academy in the USA and worked at the prestigious La Nouvelle Patisserie and St. Francis Westin Hotel, where she honed her skills in pastry arts. Aileen also pursued continuing education in the American Barista and Coffee School, Saigon Culinary Art Center, At-Sunrice, Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School, and countless other specialized classes overseas. These learning opportunities helped Aileen achieve a global flair to widen her knowledge in her craft.

Borne from her overflowing ideas were two bestselling cookbooks—Home Café in 2010, which showcased quintessential coffee-dessert pairings, and Home-made for the Holidays in 2012, with more than 60 recipes for food gift suggestions and holiday entertaining. Home Café was proclaimed the Best Dessert Book at the 2010 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. It was also translated and published in Mandarin a few years after its debut.

Her strong desire to inspire more people to cook and bake led Aileen to host True Confections and My Favorite Recipes, which were sensational hits during their time. She also wrote food columns and recipe contributions for local and international publications.

Aileen is presently managing her companies, C’est Si Bon, Corp. and Marmalade Kitchen, Inc., through she which supplies confectionaries to various cafés and offers private dining and consultancy services. She also frequently holds lifestyle classes and barista training that accommodate both beginners and experts.

In this book, she features modern takes on classic desserts for everyday bites and special occasions.

Here are some of Aileen’s classic fares from the book, made just for you.
Strawberry Shortcake
Caramel Bars
Pecan Pie
Bread Pudding