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50 concepts. 2 executions each. 100 reasons to get started with your next dessert masterpiece.

A Piece Of Cake is a comprehensive dessert cookbook that features rustic, beginner-friendly and advanced, modern approaches by well-renowned chefs, Aileen A. Anastacio and Miko L. Aspiras.

Their stellar reputation in the pastry world and distinct styles in baking were masterfully translated into foolproof recipes, tips, and tricks that will surely guide you in making your new favorite dessert. This cookbook also walks you through essentials and know-hows to better equip you in this sweet and exciting journey.

Every work of art begins with an intention: to create, to express, or to educate. When an intention is coupled with action and expertise, with fate perfectly coming into play, the remarkable body of work can change the face of an entire industry.


The timing was just perfect as I was due to write another book. While my last one was a real hit, that was still back in 2012. Miko approached me with the concept laid out, and I thought it was a great opportunity for collaboration. In all my books, I share classic recipes I know by heart, all tried and tested and borne from years of experience. We set up several meetings to flesh out the idea further. When we were finally set on what we wanted to do, Miko and I started scouting for a team.


I had an idea a few years ago: to create a cookbook that will feature recipes in two executions: homey and approachable, and the other, modern and avant-garde. I always thought of doing it on my own, but a chance meeting with Aileen during a brand event in Boracay made me consider her as my partner for this dream project. I had always known her from her cakes and confections I enjoyed as a kid. When I finally found the chance to speak to her, I wasted no time and did a pitch of my concept.

Passion is the driving force that brought us together, and this same passion is exactly what we want to share. With this book, you are sure to learn new ideas and techniques that can elevate your craft. Just imagine yourself baking your own pastry, its sweet aroma lingering in the air, with patience, precision, and practice as fundamentals of your success. What are you waiting for? Let us get started, and remember, whatever you will be baking, it will be a piece of cake! Here are some of the desserts you will see in the book.

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