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A Piece of Cake

A Piece of Cake Launches at Enderun Colleges

Enderun Colleges, yet another prestigious culinary school, welcomed A Piece of Cake to their turf. Chef Aileen Anastacio and Chef Miko Aspiras was keen on whetting everyone’s appetites and sharing some nifty tips and tricks by demonstrating how to make two versions of the New York Cheesecake as shown on the book’s cover.

Behind the scenes during prep time with Chef Miko

Behind the scenes during prep time with Chef Aileen

The two virtuosos started with Chef Aileen’s classic recipe – a timeless take on a famous dessert. Right after adding the finishing touches to her creation, Chef Miko proceeded with showing his eccentric spin on the cake.

The chefs took turns demonstrating their beloved New York Cheesecakes

Everyone was excited to take a snap of the red mirror glaze being poured onto the cake

Shortly after the demo was the book launch and signing where students and alumni of Enderun received a special exclusive discounted rate on the book. 

The chefs even got a plaque of recogntion from Enderun

A hefty desserts spread was also laid out for everyone to try and featured the mini versions of select desserts from the book.The Enderun community surely received plenty of sweet delights during the roadshow.

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