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A Piece of Cake

A Piece Of Cake Lands in Dumaguete

The A Piece of Cake team made a stop in Yan Yan Baking + Culinary Studio Dumaguete to bring the comprehensive cookbook to the southern part of the country. The desserts cookbook everyone is talking about features 50 dessert concepts with two versions each – a classic take by Chef Aileen and a modern spin by Chef Miko.

Chef Aileen Anastacio is all smiles with her classic take on the Caramel Cake

Chef Miko Aspiras with his avant-garde rubiks cube inspired take on the Caramel Cake

Like the other roadshow events, the two chefs started off by demonstrating their own versions of the New York Cheesecake as seen on the cover of the book. They also gave their exclusive tips, tricks, and hacks for aspiring bakers in the Visayas region.

There were even mini New York Cheesecakes on hand for everyone to try

Group shot with the participants and the team behind the event

What sets this event apart from the others is that viewers also witnessed the demo of the Caramel Cake in addition to the Cheesecake. That’s four cakes in one event! The live demo was followed by a meet and greet and book signing where invitees were able to buy the book at an exclusive event selling rate. It was surely a great day for future bakers over at Yan Yan Baking + Culinary Studio.

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