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A Piece of Cake

Create Your Own Dessert Menu With these Tips and Tricks

Crafting your very own dessert menu may seem overwhelming especially if it’s your first time.

Both Chef Aileen Anastacio and Chef Miko Aspiras are spilling the beans as they share with us their advice on how to perfect the desserts section of your menu. Read on to find out the 5 foolproof tips from the master bakers themselves.

  1. Stick to a theme

Before naming the pastries that you intend to put in the menu, you should first decide on a theme. If your restaurant is Filipino, opt for Halo-halo or Biko rather than a French Crepe. Your main menu and dessert menu should pair well and not clash.

  1. Have a signature dessert

The two chefs didn’t fail to stress the importance of developing your own personal style. According to them, having a signature dessert will help you be set apart from other bakers. Chef Miko cites an example from one of his restaurants, “If they go to Le Petit Souffle, people instantly know that they have to try the 17-Layer Cake.”

  1. Keep it diverse

Keep your lineup interesting by having a good mix of sweets. Don’t create a menu that has only chocolates or only cheesecakes. The rule of thumb is to consider the texture of your pastries. “If you already have something creamy, try to add something crunchy for your next dessert,” says Chef Aileen.

  1. Consider the current trends in desserts

One thing that will never fail to make your menu a hit is to follow trends. According to Chef Miko, a foolproof and popular dessert that always deserves a place in your menu is the chocolate cake. It pays to be up-to-date with the latest dessert craze.

  1. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes

Lastly, before finalizing, go over your menu and imagine that you’re the customer. Do you like what you’re seeing? Is the price alright? What types of cakes are popular with your target market? These questions can help you assess what’s missing on the menu. You can also have a friend take a look at it for feedback. A pair of fresh eyes might see points for improvement that you haven’t seen before.


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